Friday, March 25, 2011

The laundry basket

It's been one of those weeks around our house.  Things have just been a little off.  Daddy had to work late more nights than not.  Addi has another ear infection and is pretty much in a terrible mood.  Our dog has an ear infection as well and has been waking us up in the middle of the night scratching her ears.  And Miss Alexa Jayne has been testing her boundaries all week long (a typical occurance for a two year old I hear).  All of these things combined have made for a pretty grouchy momma!  We even tried to get photos of the girls taken this week, and after our first attempt ended in diaster, we rescheduled for another day.  Well, round two didn't end much better.  Addi would scream everytime I put her down to have her photo taken.  Of course, Alexa was a little ham is loved every second of it.  I sooooooo badly wanted at least one good picture of my girls together, but Addi just wasn't having it.  When things get like this, I find it so easy to only focus on the negative about it all.  I get so wrapped up in our messed up schedules, the INSANELY dirty house (yes, its that dirty if it is actually bothering me), and a failed photo attempt, that I just can't see God's glory in it all.

{SIDE NOTE:  Speaking of the defiant 2 year old, as I am typing this she is in her bed refusing a nap.  I went in her room and told her she was going to go to time out if she didn't lay down and take a nap.  Her response was, "OK, Mommy!  Time out and then NO NAP!"  She was so excited to have another option rather than taking a nap!  Lord, help us!}

Anyway, back to the point.....

So, yesterday, after I had been throwing a pity party all day, I was trying to get some things accomplished around the house.  As I was folding laundry, both girls decided it was time to wake up from their nap.  I had laundry strung from one end of the couch to the other.  So, I got them both up and tried to finish folding.  With the assistance of my little 'helper' (said with sarcasim), I was able to get it all folded.  So, with Addi on my hip, I went to put all of the laundry away.  Alexa was watching Wonder Pets so I thought I had everything under control.  Well as soon as I was done putting it all away, I came in the living room to find this....

Alexa had found a black crayon and decided to make the laundry basket her canvas.  My first instinct was anger, as we have been working on the concept of ONLY coloring on paper that Mommy gives you.  But, before I could get anything out of my mouth, I just had to laugh.  She was soooooo proud of herself.  She couldn't be more excited to show off her work of art.  It was at that moment, I felt my heart grow tender and flood with emotion.   It was one of those moments that I will play back in my mind forever.  One that I have taken a mental picture of and will cherish for years to come.

That one simple moment reminded me that life won't be like this forever.  One day, I won't have my sick baby clinging to me and wanting me to hold her all day long.  Instead, she will want to go the doctor all by herself and handle it on her own.  One day, her tears won't be because of an ear infection or because she got put in time out.  Instead, they will be over a boy who broke her heart or a friend who hurt her feelings.  One day, I won't have to figure out the best ways to discpilne my toddler who is testing the boundaries.  Instead, I will have to let her drive off in a car of her own and pray that she will make wise decisions on her own.  One day, I won't have an overflowing pile of teensy-tiny socks and footed pajamas to fold.  Instead, I will have a surge of laundry at my door once a month as they visit me from college.  One day, I won't be upset because my baby isn't cooperating at her photo shoot.  Instead, I will be standing in awe of my beautiful daughter taking bridal portraits as she is ready to embark on a new chapter of her life.

Life isn't going to stand still.  Instead, it is going to continue to fly by at lightening speed.  No matter how crazy this stage of life is, one day I am going to look back and long to have just one of these days back.  Their problems will just grow bigger, more complicated, and will have more emotional strings attached.

So, for now, I want to hold on to these simple moments.  I want to find joy in picking up the 26 A-to-Z Fisher Price animals and the 100 play cupcake liners that cover my living room floor.  I will smile when I see that top shelf on my dishwasher filled with bottles and sippy cups.  And, cherish the days that my baby girl wants me to hold her and not put her down for a second, even to go to the bathroom.  Because its these little things that remind me of just how perfect life is at this very moment.

God used Alexa, a black crayon, and this little laudry basket to touch my heart today.  When I see this laundry basket for now on, I believe I will have a different reaction.  Instead of my normal grumble, I will smile.  I will be reminded of this sweet moment and what it taught me.  The day will come that I will long to have little feet pitter patter around the house, hear giggles and squeals as my girls play, and feel like I am the most special person when I walk in the room and have little arms wrap around my leg.   The day will come that I miss seeing this little white laundry basket covered in the works of art of my sweet, precious baby girl!

But, until then, I am going to cherish what life is right now, craziness and all!!

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  1. You are such a great writer, Tiffany! I laughed, agreed, then teared up reading this- very relatable to life over here right now. Poor Ruby has been sick 3 times and isn't even 4 months old- luckily nothing serious but it's an added layer to an already semi-crazy life with a high-energy 2 year old! Thanks for reminding me about keeping life in perspective. :) I really do think you have a talent for writing!